Camp Winnarainbow
A circus and performing arts camp for children.


Haverford Democrats Homepage
This is a screen shot of my latest project. I am redesigning the web site for the Haverford Township Democratic Parrty. I will change to the love link soon.

UC Berkeley Extension Online Homepage
UC Berkeley Extension Online's page needed to be clean and clear. The look and feel matches the rest of UC Berkeley's branding while simultaneously standing apart. The site is structured to have an easy to understand navigation that allows users access to the important information in very few clicks.


UC Berkeley Extension Online Classrooms
UC Berkeley Extension Online is one of the leaders in e-learning. I helped create these classrooms with the intention of matching the UC Berkeley Branding principles while at the same time allowing each individual class to have a unique look and feel.

Cometa Networks
Cometa Networks hired Progressive Design to design their company's page. One of the leaders in Wi-Fi technology, Cometa needed a look that was professional and crisp. The company has since been sold and the web site was changed with the new ownership. What you see here is their original design.

Flash Animation
This is a recent Flash Animation I designed for Dr. Larry Brilliant. Dr. Brilliant is the winner of this years TED Prize and CEO of, which administers Google's philanthropic activities. The animations were used by Dr. Brilliant as visual aides as he discussed the possibility of an Avian Flue Pandemic, and presented his concept for the creation of INSTEDD: International System for Total Early Disease/Disaster Detection.

Camp Winnarainbow
Camp Winnarainbow is a performing arts camp for young and old. The site needed to be functional, yet whimsical, so as to appeal to children as well as adults. The web page matches the rest of the camp's branding, which was also created by Progressive Design.

Intents rents and creates tent and shade structures in the Northern California area. Since the web page was built, the company's business has soared and they have received many awards for their outstanding products.

Wavy Gravy's Homepage
The home page of Wavy Gravy - 60's icon, MC at Woodstock, and Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor. The web page documents his life and achievements as well as keeps fans up to date on current appearances and events.

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